Is your back constantly giving you grief? Do you find it difficult to concentrate at work because of pain? Are those shoulders and neck stiffer than ever?

Whatever the reason behind your pain, acupuncture is fantastic at dealing with both the acute and chronic. We all experience sprains and muscle strains at some point in our lives and know that it can be excruciatingly painful. In the current economic climate, many are afraid to lose time out of work and can’t afford to take time off due to injuries.

The treatment of pain is one of the most well-known aspects of acupuncture in the West. Even some GPs and many physiotherapists use it for the purpose of pain relief as acupuncture has been most rigorously proven to work in that area.

When you experience acute pain, there may be swelling and heat around the area, suggesting that there is a blockage of some sort. In the most simple way, acupuncture works to clear that blockage by allowing blood and body fluids to flow properly, which speeds up natural healing.

In chronic pain cases, there is usually more of a deficiency. The pain is perhaps more dull (most of the time). In those cases acupuncture re-activates the blood flow in the area and brings the body’s attention back to the injured site.