Do you find it increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Does your energy slump after eating? Or does it just feel like something’s not right and you can’t seem to get any answers?

This is an all too common scenario for so many of us. The reasons behind low energy vary greatly, but acupuncture addresses your case on an individual basis, combining the treatment with lifestyle advice, dietary advice and possibly exercises depending on what we find.

Your Chinese Medical pattern will be identified through a series of questioning relating to your habits, when you’re most tired, how long you’ve felt this way and whether there was a particular trigger to your tiredness.

Below are a few examples of simplified diagnoses relating to low energy:

Qi Deficiency

In this case you are likely to feel more tired after eating, have a sluggish digestion and may have a propensity towards food intolerances and allergies. The digestive system appears to be sensitive and not coping with the amount or type of food you are eating. According to Chinese Medicine, the digestive system likes bland, warm, cooked food, especially in the colder winter months. Root vegetables and stews are said to be particularly beneficial in building up energy slowly. In conjunction with acupuncture treatment you should feel a shift in the right direction within the first few session but a course of treatments is recommended.

Blood Deficiency

This is not necessarily the same as iron deficiency anaemia. In fact many of my clients have had blood tests to establish whether their tiredness is linked to anaemia but to no avail. However, if the digestive system can’t process the food to build blood, the blood will be deficient in its nature. Symptoms are more apparent in women, including cold hands and feet, scanty periods, dizziness on standing up, floaters in the eyes, near sightedness in some cases etc. Often the tongue will be of a paler than normal colour.

Kidney Deficiency

Again, this does not indicate that there is anything wrong with your kidneys. This purely relates to the energetics of the organ and does not necessarily indicate a pathology of any kind. Here the individual may find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, have dark grey circles under their eyes, lower back pain and possibly weak knees. This is more common with age.

All these patterns differ in their nature and your individual case may include a combination of those or others. During the questioning I will also take your pulses, which to me indicate where the biggest imbalance lies in the body. And according to that I will work out your individual point prescription.

Acupuncture is simple and complicated at the same time and revolves around identifying individual patterns. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss your case or to book an appointment.