Do you get recurrent headaches? Are your migraines so bad you miss out of work regularly? Are the pain killers not doing the trick or making you drowsy?

Acupuncture might be the perfect solution in that case. Headaches and migraines can be brought on by many factors – both mental-emotional and physical. Acupuncture has a unique way of diagnosing the causes behind headaches and takes into account dietary factors, lifestyle, tightness of the muscles in the neck and shoulders among other things. An example is migraines brought on by certain foods or specific locations of headaches:

  • Headaches that originate behind the eyes or cause red eyes are often associated with stress and potentially outbursts of anger, alcohol etc.
  • Headaches located on the forehead can often be linked to digestive issues, eating spicy food, not drinking sufficient fluids, etc.

For women, migraines and headaches are often linked to the menstrual cycle, and in those cases there are often related problems such as PMS (breast tenderness, mood swings, bloating) and/or painful periods. By addressing these issues together the overall quality of life can be greatly enhanced.

In most cases of headaches I would use gua sha, along with acupuncture, in the initial treatment unless the patient asks me not to (usually for cosmetic reasons). Gua sha is a brilliant tool in treating headaches in my opinion and it is most easily demonstrated in my case study on headaches.

If you’d like to discuss your individual case with me, please feel free to call me.