Are you dreading the season ahead? Does hayfever make your life miserable each year?

Acupuncture can significantly reduce the discomfort from seasonal allergic rhinitis or hayfever. In larger cities such as London, where pollution plays a large role in locking in the pollen in the air, even the most ‘well managed’ hayfever can flair up.

Acupuncture works well to combat symptoms, which include itchiness, redness and irritation, runny nose and general feelings of being run down.

Because hayfever is a chronic condition, the best course of action is to start treatment as early in the year as possible (February/March) to address any underlying imbalances in the body before it comes under attack from its allergens. By giving you a boost before this happens, you will be better prepared for the season ahead, have a healthier immune system and increased general wellbeing, not to mention the reduction to the severity of your symptoms.

Once the season starts, treatments are generally targeted towards improving the quality of life and reducing severity of symptoms. Most of us, in fairness, don’t think about it until it hits us!

Self help advice

Acupuncture can work on its own as a management program for hayfever, but for those who are really dedicated to combating their own symptoms and want to help themselves, there are several other factors that can make a dramatic difference. Among those are:

  • Avoiding any products that may increase mucous production – dairy products, bananas, (anything that makes your nose runny), citrus fruit, sugar etc.
  • And cutting out or reducing alcohol intake is quite important as well. Alcohol can increase inflammation and as a result leads to more irritation and itchiness. It also increases blood flow to capillaries and surface areas (rosy cheeks ring a bell?), the opposite to what we want as a rule.
  • Keep your feet warm – yes, you read correctly. Most hayfever sufferers suffer from cold feet, notice it next time. The principle here is simple and all about evening out circulation, drawing heat away from your face.

The dietary advise is very general and based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. If you feel you need further guidance, please consult a nutritionist/dietician.

Should I still take my antihistamin and over the counter hayfever meds?

Please discuss any discontinuation of, or worries about medication with your GP or pharmacist.  It does not interfere with the acupuncture treatment in any way and generally just helps further reduce discomfort.