Acupuncture helps you get back to your normal self – before the pain

Imagine for a second what you’d be capable of if you weren’t in pain. What are you doing? How do you feel? Just close your eyes and explore that picture for a minute…

Interesting thought isn’t it?

My clients often describe their pain like a fog. It prevents them from thinking clearly, planning ahead or relating to the people around them. They don’t feel like themselves. The pain can feel heavy and burdensome, and it’s hard to see how it will end.

Chronic pain restricts on two levels – physical and emotional. And we have to work on both to be successful.

Acupuncture helps lift that fog and get you back to brighter days. We work together, and depending on your needs, could include lifestyle adjustments, cupping, gua sha or coaching to support the acupuncture treatments. In this partnership the motto is ‘whatever works for you’. The personal nature of the relationship means we can find the root cause of the pain and get you back to being you.

When I asked you to imagine what it would feel like not to be in pain, what picture came to mind? I bet it feels lighter, brighter and much happier than where you are now, and it will be my obsession to get you back there.  But if you can’t picture it yet, that’s where we’ll start! You see sometimes we live with the pain for so long, we get lost in the fog and think pain is part of who we are, our core identity. But we both know that doesn’t feel quite right…

Having lighter and brighter days again means addressing the cause of your pain, and to shed light on the habits and thoughts that go along with it. If the body feels better the mind follows and vice versa, so we just need to create a shift and the possibility of the fog lifting to start moving forward. After that, the picture changes and we keep exploring until we’re in the clear.

Acupuncture addresses both acute and chronic pain and can dramatically decrease levels and frequency of pain. It is what acupuncturists in the UK deal with the most. It’s a body therapy and as such works to improve circulation in the affected area, release muscle spasms and trapped nerves. Acupuncture also triggers a part of the brain that deals with pain relief so has a systemic as well as a local reaction.

You can expect me to be honest about what we can achieve together based on what we uncover once we’ve had a thorough chat about what, why and how long. I have years of experience to help me, but remember, this is a partnership so I need you to be curious and up for sharing your expert knowledge of your pain.

I work with people across the whole pain spectrum – from arthritis to back pain; menstrual cramps to neuralgia; muscle aches to migraines. If reading this has made you curious about acupuncture and how I work, get in touch.