These are some of the happy customers I’ve seen over the years who have been kind enough to recommend me.

Diana has been treating me for endometriosis, fatigue and back pain and I experienced positive changes very early on, after just 2 treatments. She is always very warm and welcoming and I felt very comfortable discussing my health issues with her, even on e-mail before my first appointment.
Proof that you need not pay Harley Street prices for excellent, authentic acupuncture.
Sam, Essex

Breastfeeding my son exclusively for 10 months had taken a toll on my body, so I went to see Diana. We were keen to conceive a second child soon, so I was particularly keen to rebalance my hormones. Much to our delight, after just three sessions in as many weeks, I found out I was pregnant! We can’t thank Diana enough for assisting us in this pregnancy and we are now looking forward to our new baby before Christmas.
W.P., London
I cannot say enough how over the moon I am with the treatment Diana has given me – I was at the end of my tether when I went to visit her, my PMT was out of control and I was starting to worry I’d never be able to get my hormones back on track.  I felt immediate relief after the first treatment and after just a few sessions with Diana, my symptoms have decreased significantly – to the point where I no longer worry I may lose my job/friends/mind due to a pre-menstrual rage!  Highly recommended.
Z.D., London
Diana is a very enthusiastic, caring and gentle practitioner. She has not only helped me manage my arthritis, but also given me valuable advice on what I can do to help myself. I feel empowered. Great value for money!
Iris, London
I attended Diana’s acupuncture clinic for treatment for irregular menstrual cycles and severe period pain which had plagued me for many years. I cannot recommend Diana enough for her caring and empathetic approach and ability to put me at my ease from the first appointment. I am so pleased to say that after a short course of weekly treatments, my cycle had regulated and the pain had ceased. Booking in with Diana for acupuncture is one of the best health related decisions I have made and I only wish I had done it sooner!
L.N.,  London.
My side is very much better now – a combination of diet, exercise and of course the accupuncture seems to have done the trick and whilst it is not 100% a thing of the past, it is very much better and most days not noticeable at all!   Thanks again for your help, and I will definately be in touch if I have a need for accupuncture in the future.
Stuart, London
I started going to Diana severe pain from Endometriosis. At that time I had not been diagnosed but the pain was becoming intolerable and at times so severe I had difficulties walking. I mostly spent my days on the couch crippled with pain and since I was working freelance, I wasn’t able to work.
When I started going to her I was waiting for an operation and I was on very strong painkillers, these painkillers did not do much and because I was taking them  most days, I was constantly lethargic and drowsy.
Acupuncture significantly decreased my pain and the pain relief lasted on average for two days. I found acupuncture to be so much better than painkillers and although the pain never fully went away, it improved my quality of life. What was even better was the fact that I always felt more energetic and calmer after sessions with Diana plus I was able to work. I found that acupuncture also helped me managed my stress levels.
Diana is an exceptionally skilled practitioner, in addition to that she is warm and calm and you instantly feel at ease in her company. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
OA, London